Residential Calling Plans

People across the world are finding that internet phone service is the new, easier way to communicate. Unlike traditional landline phone service, internet phone service lets users make cheap phone calls using their broadband Internet connection and an Internet phone.

Choosing a provider you can trust and that offers the latest features and technologies makes Internet phone service easy and fun. Below is a menu of the VoIP Phone services offered by InPhonex.

World Unlimited


Unlimited US and Canada calling PLUS unlimited calling to 67 additional countries. Keep your phone number or choose a new phone number from any country in the world!

*$19.95 / month with annual pre-payment or $21.95 /month with quarterly pre-payment

Ultimate US & Canada


Unlimited local and long distance calling to the US and Canada with worldwide incoming number.

Basic 500


500 minutes of local and long distance calling to the US and Canada with incoming phone number

Pay as You Go Calling


Rechargeable prepaid calling account with low per minute rates to everywhere in the world



Liteline combines our Pay As You Go service with an incoming phone number of your choice.

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