Karry K1010

USB Phone from VoipMatrix

The Karry 1010 works with one or more phone lines using your computer's Internet connection and a included software application called a softphone. Just connect it to your USB port and use the device to make and receive phone calls.

Easy Setup

Install the included softphone application or use with other industry standard softphones such as the free X-Lite softphone or EyeBeam Video Phone. Once installed connect the phone to your PC using the USB port and your computer will automatically locate the device. Enter your name, phone number and password and immediately make and receive calls. Sample configuration guide.

Take it with you

The Karry USB Phone is totally portable and perfect for travel. It can be used wherever your computer connects to the Internet, including home, office, wifi hotspots, hotels and more. Benefits Supports one VoIP line Works with multiple “softphones” Perfect for travel

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